Wednesday, March 17, 2010

South View Primary's Unconventional Way of Using Ebooks

While most other schools use KooBits as a learning and teaching aid for students and teachers alike, the students and teachers of South View Primary decided to be unconventional and use KooBits as a ebook platform to keep recounts of the interesting happenings in their school. What is more interesting is that these happenings or events include cooking classes and digital art.

Students as young as 7 years old are exposed to culinary classes as part of South View Primary School’s program to nurture creativity and innovativeness in students. The school even went to the extent of building a small kitchen for them! These little Innochefs (innovative chefs) will be brought to the supermarkets to get inspiration to make their own recipes.

Apart from just cooking, students are also trained in digital art-making using different softwares in their Digital Studio. At the end of the lesson, they would be able to create a beautiful batik art piece.

Through KooBits, the students have been able to share their experiences through putting parts and parcels of their thoughts and creativity together, from all sort of formats, together onto one single platform, often in the form of ebook. It is like Power Point, but cooler!

Some Primary 3 students have also created an ebook about Project Work and some even created a book on science experiments! Imagine the amount of things you can do with your own creativity!

Mrs M'chelle Chua, a teacher from South View Primary said, “The KooBits ebook software allows students to animate their stories. With features like 'Intelligent Motion', pupils can witness the change of their story in real time. This generates a sense of personal achievement, for the process is entirely pupil-centred.”

Indeed, KooBits have enriched the lives of those students from South View Primary school, not to mention their teachers. We hope to be the very tool to propel learning and teaching in schools, and what is currently happening in South View is indeed a promising start!

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