Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nan Hua Primary School uses Ebooks

We are honoured to announce that we are now part of Nan Hua Primary School’s ICT Programme. The school, located in 30 Jalan Lempen, hopes to (empower teachers to experiment using different pedagogical approaches with IT to develop students to be strategic learners who actively explore problems independently and collaboratively and express their creative ideas through the creation of products. IT will be harnessed to facilitate the analysis of information, investigation, problem solving and independent learning.) All of which, KooBits can and will help them achieve.

KooBits is a multimedia platform where users, students and teachers alike, can take bits and pieces of digital media and put it into one single platform, as a creation that they can call their own. Many schools have started using KooBits as a ebook creation tool to facilitate learning amongst their students. KooBits is not only used to teach English, but other languages like Malay, Chinese and Tamil as well, as it is equipped with a Chinese and Tamil keyboard that recognizes the respective characters.

The students of Nan Hua Primary school found it easy to use as well, as compared to other multimedia and ebooks software tools in the market. This is because other tools are far more complicated to use and have a steeper learning curve. However, this is not true with KooBits, as we have made the latest technology in ebooks software work for the users, instead of the other way around.

Having KooBits as part of their ICT learning tool is actually in line with Nan Hua Primary School’s Vision of having a personalized educational experience for all, since every student is able to learn more and learn faster through the easiness of use of our ebooks platform.

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