Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maris Stella Primary School Interest Students with E-book Technology

At Maris Stella Primary School, teachers are pushed to incorporate technology into their curriculum. This helps pupils in their comprehension of topics by giving them a more all-rounded perspective on the subjects.

KooBits, an e-book authoring tool developed to host a range of multimedia tools helps users to generate interesting and dynamic content. For teachers, KooBits acts as an agent to generate with teaching materials where students can participate during lessons. As a result, students are more attentive during lessons. For students, KooBits encourages them to look beyond their classrooms. They can tap on over 6,000 resources that come with the programme. So far, the students here have effortlessly constructed digital books for the all the subjects in the curriculum.

A lower primary student at the school commented that this e-book technology helped him to comprehend complex topics. The drop down box options available gets students to participate during lessons. He also felt that the software was easy to use and this helped him better express his creativity.

Maris Stella Primary School recently built a library to save the works done by students and teachers. This provides a chance for people to share the digital books and encourages cooperation among the users.

Having Koobits as part of the IT programme has benefited Maris Stella Primary School on a whole. It has helped the school achieve their vision of enriching learning with effective and innovative use of technology .

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