Friday, March 12, 2010

KooBits Helps Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School Bring Lessons to Life

Driven by the government’s call for a “world-class “learning habitat, more schools are lapping up on the latest programmes to incorporate information technology (IT) into their syllabus. We take a look at how Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School has successfully melded technology and effective teaching together to create a fun yet educational environment for their students.

Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, located in Yishun was introduced to the e-book software in 2007 and has never looked back since. Students in the school are taught how to create animated and interactive digital e-books using the KooBits software. With KooBits, students can easily use an assortment of multimedia tools in their work. This removes any technological barriers that previously hindered students from fully expressing their creativity. Besides that, students can choose from a myriad of resources to help them in illustrating their books. Upon completion, students can share the book among their classmates and archive it for future purposes.

Since the acquisition of the e-book software, students in the school have actively churned out many books for various subjects. For instance, these young authors deftly created e-books explaining various rules and theories in science and mathematics. With the help of KooBits, they were able to use a combination of audio, animation, flash and Youtube videos to construct an e-book that was dynamic, interactive and engaging.

Mdm Sim Siew Tin, principal of the school said that student experiences are now more interesting and multi-faceted. “We have noticed a spike in students’ interests and they are now able to concentrate and focus better. Using KooBits has facilitated our teachers in explaining the concepts better and wane away from textbooks. In addition, it has also served the purpose of equipping students with relevant InfoComm Technology (ICT) skills that will help prepare them for the future.”
In addition to using the software to create learning materials, the budding authors in Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School have also created award-winning entries for various competitions and exhibitions such as the National N.E. E-books Competition.

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