Thursday, March 18, 2010

Images of bamboo blinds

Koobits can be used for any creation of ebooks. It comes with a huge teacher's resources that includes any images of animals, plants , characters and more. However, we are not complete with that yet and I shall explain why.

I was trying to create an ebook about bamboo blinds the other day. I went to our resource library and look for images of any types of bamboo blinds, from bamboo roman shades to bamboo vertical blinds.I manage to find a few pictures about windows but there was none of the images that I was searching for.

This tells me that there is still a lot of work left to be done. What if I want to create a book that sells stuff. How about an ebook that works like ecommerce and allows people to sell things like bamboo blinds? Would that be possible with Koobits?

I think we got the technology but we need business cases now. We are in a stage where we need to figure out what is the greatest value our technology can provide and focus our energies on realising that.

If you are a user of Koobits and have idea on how to help us grow, we welcome your suggestion. Maybe you would like to set up a bamboo blinds site?