Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Raffles Girls Primary Loves Ebook Software, KooBits, to Bits!

On the 16 Mar to 24 April 2009, a nation-wide digital writing competition called the “N.E.w Author Competition” was held for schools, primary, secondary and tertiary alike. The competition, which is open to all students in Singapore, is organized by Personal e-Motion Pte Ltd (PEM), the company behind the interactive digital media software for ebooks, KooBits.

Raffles Girls Primary School became one of our contestant schools for this competition. The objective of the N.E.w Author Competition was to create an interactive ebook using KooBits Author, an ebook software designed and developed by PEM.

So with the competition in full swing, we had to conduct many training sessions on how to use Koobits as the choice of ebook software for this competition. The girls were so excited to learn about KooBits that they did not mind coming back to school for a hands-on training during their March holidays. Our trainers are very well-trained and helped the students learn the technology and features of KooBits until finish creating their story into an ebook that contains many interactive digital media elements that make their story come alive. However, they would have to follow the theme of National Education. The girls were so excited that one of them reportedly liked the software so much that she and her mum paid a visit to our office!

Raffles Girls Primary School is situated at 21 Hillcrest Road, and has a reputation for being one of the best all-girls schools in Singapore, producing not only students who excel in academics but also in sports and arts and culture as well.

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