Monday, July 13, 2009

KooGeeks Invasion!

Something NEW has hit our KooBits House!

What could it be? That Eugene, the renowned laid-back, boring, dull web developer, would be so interested in de-gluing himself from the computer screen and skipping to the marketing room?!


Introducing THE KOOGEEKS!
Hohoho! Coming all the way from Norway, Martin and Malin (if you cannot differentiate between the Caucasians and Asians, you might want to go to to the opthalmologist for color blindness check!) are our latest imports into the Cranky KooBits House! Check out our nerdy poses!

KooBits have been swarmed by many projects, deadlines and appointments. Work, work, work and more WORK! If you think school assignments are innumerable, try sitting in our workplace!
From the marketing team to the development team, we have been trying to meet deadlines for something BIG that is coming out!

WHOA! What could that be?

You will find out soon guys! Let's just sit back and enjoy the rest of the photos!

There is a myth that says KooBits has many pretty ladies. After looking at the above pictures, do you think it is still a myth?!

Apart from the Norwegians, the marketing team has also welcomed two very beautiful and intelligent ladies and they are Haida (second left) and Juli (second right). Yes, we are currently humongous and kids, if you have visited us before, it's time to visit again because there are so many new friends to befriend now!

The thorn among the roses

KooGeeks Day has been a fun and relaxing time for us to enjoy amidst the neverending tasks, all piled up on our desks. A great breather while dressing up!

We have played our part, now it's time for YOU to be GEEKY too!

Just send us a photo of you dressing up in a nerdy costume AND holding onto a piece of paper that says "I am a KooGeek!"

And email it to Adeline,!

Lastly, let's give our votes to the best Black&Blond KooGeeks Pair!

Black&Blond Pair #1 - Martin & Evan

Black&Blond Pair #2 - Haida & Malin

Black&Blond Pair #3 - Malin & Adeline

Evan is begging you to vote for him! HAHA!