Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Fantastic Five & KooBits

Some of you have read it, some of you have not. If you have not, guess what?!?

KooBits was featured in the Straits Times on March 20, 2009! The reporter, Amelia Tan, and her photographer came to our office for an interview with Stanley & Dr Chen, as well as our KooKids! Check out the web version of the article here!

Our KooKids, as shown in the picture above from left to right, Lorraine Ge, Bani Muhamad Iyad, Abdul Qadir, Ryan Bangras and Tommy Tan was featured! They each brought their favorite book and showed them to Amelia who was genuinely impressed by their creativity. After a short sharing session, the KooKids decided to name themselves The Fantastic Five.

Amongst them, there is two excellent young writers, Ryan and Lorraine. Ryan, who loves action and excitement, decided to keep everyone in suspense by holding his story about an alien lost in space at the climax. He said, "The next book will be coming in two to three weeks time."

(Click on the books to see the full web version of our Ebooks Software!)

Alien Lost in Space by Ryan Bangras

You heard him, let's be patient for now! Lorraine loves writing and writing non-stop because she desires to be a journalist or TV host in future. She said, "Koobits made it easy for me to write and publish my books. It allows me to be an author immediately online."

Indeed, Lorraine's books captured little snippets of her powerful imagination that nobody has thought about. Judging from her eloquence and bubbliness, she will definitely make the best TV host!

The Woman Who Sold Everything by Lorraine Ge

For more of Lorraine's books, please visit her space!

Bani and Qadir, on the other hand, had created fantastic video books! Bani spent his time during the One-Day Tour, producing his first Joke Book with jokes thought by him and got the KooBits team laughing along. It was indeed relaxing to have children around the office to brighten up our day once in awhile.

The Joke Book by Bani
(Currently unavailable online!)

A snapshot of Tommy laughing at Bani's joke.
For more of Bani's books, please visit his

Qadir's book was an inspiration from Steven Spielbierg's E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, which amazed everyone. Nobody has done a short movie book with KooBits before. Now, we see where creativity really comes from. His book is a definite must-see because he might just be your future director and producer from Singapore!

Journey with a New Friend by Qadir

For more of Qadir's books, please visit his space!

Last but not least, we have Tommy in the house too. He is the adorable kid anyone has seen. Don't believe? Just look at his cute facial expression in the photo above or view the video in this blog post. Tommy has the ability in writing heartwarming and touching stories. His books always receives very high ratings on KooBits Library!

I am a Pet Cat by Tommy Tan

For more of Tommy's books, please visit his space!

Through a short 2 hour interview, these amazing kids have made me view the younger generation from a different perspective. Even though some of them are only as young as 10 years old, their hidden capability amidst their small built is bigger than anyone can think of.

Albert Einstein once said, "To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play and the childlike desire for recognition."

Creativity comes from children. I am glad that KooBits enables them to shine in their best abilities. No more undermining of a child's talent, let them unleash their fullest potential today!

Ending off, let me present The Fantastic Five once again. These kids have really impacted the KooBits team in different ways. Five of them, five personalities, five talents and five bright future! Check out The Fantastic Five book created by Qadir and dedicated to all of them!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

One-Day Tour with the KooKids

Monday March 16, 2009

KooBits had our inaugural one day tour for two very enthusiastic KooBits Star Authors, Bani and Tommy, from Eunos Primary School and Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School respectively. We spent a full day with them creating an e-book together using our latest KooBits version and brought them around different departments to take a sneak peek at our future plans and upcoming releases. Private and confidential stuff, shhhh! Do not pester them for these information, but I guarantee that you will love KooBits more!

Here's a blog post written by Bani in his own blog! He has even created a video for us! Enjoy his recount!

"I was invited to KooBits One Day Tour as I was a Star Author and also, I have met another Star Author named, Tommy. He's 10 and from Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School. Tommy looks like this(The photo below is Tommy).

This is Tommy

Tommy and I had a great time at KooBits One Day Tour at 7 Prince George's Park. Here's a video with photos taken by me on KooBits One Day Tour!

Hope you enjoy the video! Catch me on The Starits Times on Friday, 20 March 2009! If you missed it, don't worry! I'll try to scan the article to this blog in no time!"


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Media Fiesta 2009 & KooBits

New media is taking Singapore by storm! From animations, digital games, publishing, film, broadcast to Interactive and Digital Media (IDM), hold on your reins for a big move in transforming Singapore into a state-of-art media city, standing at the forefront in this digital media age.

To spread the vision, Media Fiesta 2009, hosted by Media Development Authority (MDA) was launched to increase the awareness of digital media amongst the locals. A thematic event was held in Marina Square two weeks ago and KooBits is proud to be part of this exciting digital move!

The event was innovatively planned with different booths such as Inspiration Box, Sky Cinema and Innovation Tower. KooBits were called to do presentations on stage, as well as, inside the Inspiration Box filled with comfortable bean bags. There is not a single minute where anyone of us were bored because the Nintendo Wii was right opposite us and Nanoboy was playing in the Sky Cinema!

Pretty Xinying at our booth!

It was a busy yet enthralling four days for many of us. New friendships were established as we talked to some interested participants of the event. Ryan Bangras, our newly discovered talent, learnt KooBits in just 10 minutes and performed an impromptu demonstration to the crowd. Check out his first book at KooBits portal!

No, Ryan is not 20 years old but only 10 years old. TEN, monsieur et madamoiselle! That is how intuitive and powerful KooBits is for students, as young as 5 years old!

Jana, 6 years old, our winner during the stage presentation. She may be our next inspiring new author!

Friday, March 6, 2009

7 year old chefs, can you beat that?

Most parents, especially mothers, would wish that they can take leave from kitchen work even for a day. Mind you, I'm not talking about bringing the family out for a meal. Imagine your cute daughters or sons running home to tell you, "Mommy, let me cook for everyone today! You should just rest and I'll prepare your favorite meal, chicken rice!"

Do not pinch yourself, you are definitely NOT dreaming because the students from South View Primary are exposed to culinary learning as young as 7 years old! A cozy and clean kitchenette was built in 2006 to nurture little innochefs (innovative chef). The students will be brought to the supermarkets to get inspiration for their meals and create their own secret recipes for that! Pizzas, chicken rice, a typical 1 rice 3 dishes meal, these children can do anything! Amazing, huh?!

Now for the best part, the next goal for the students is to create ethnic food hailing from far away land, Kazakhstan because the school is hosting Kazakhstanis for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games 2010! I bet most of the KooReaders do not know what are the authentic cusine Kazakhstanis have! Well, let these students from South View Primary teach you!

Apart from just cooking, students are also trained in digital art-making using different softwares in their Digital Studio. At the end of the lesson, they would be able to create a beautiful batik art piece.

The best batik pieces and Mrs Mazlan, HOD IT and their in-house trainer.

Don't they just look like real paintings?

Creations of Primary 4 students with Photoshop

A Primary 2 student drawing our national flower.

So, you must be wondering whats the relation of these with KooBits? Well, South View Primary has been using KooBits to keep recounts of the interesting activities happening in school. The very first one that you are seeing is their cooking lesson! I hope you don't drool!

A video on Project Work by Primary 3 students

Science Experiment Book: How to dissolve an egg?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

What have the KooBits team been doing recently? Let's take a peak...

Ok, ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and...ACTION!

And the show begins...

Channelnewsasia, Asia's leading news network, went down to Eunos Primary School to film a documentary for educational tools that expedite child learning and KooBits is honored to be chosen as a provider of quality education. The idea was to capture the convenience and simplicity of KooBits that attracted children and encouraged them to learn beyond the four walls of their classrooms. Stanley, together with few other children who love KooBits, were being interviewed. Some students even showed the TV producer, Nancy, their new creation enthusiastically!

Our new arising author, Qadir (left), who amazed us with his Alien Invasion e-book and Bani (right), KooBits Star Author.

Everyone was concentrating on their storyline.

A very passionate teacher, Mdm Khadijah, giving her student some KooBits tips!

From left: Izzati, Diyanah (bottom), Maizurah (right) & Rezuan (bottom)
You will not believe how expressive and professional these students are!

In deep discussion with Mdm Fatimah, HOD IT of Eunos Primary.

The teachers!
From left: Jafri, Stanley, Mdm Fatimah, Mdm Khadijah, Serena, Adeline & Mr Hoirull

And finally, the Malay class of Primary 5 with Bani and the KooBits team! CHEESE!

Phew! That was tonnes of photos! Nevertheless, the photos brought back memories of the filming session with the adorable children as I began to pen down the event. We really missed you guys and wish we could spend every day in the computer lab using KooBits for learning. This is long-winded but with the help of Qadir in naming his favorite Malay class, I would like to thank...

(Left first row) Shahrukh, Naufal Nasrullah, Matin, Nurhayati, Syafiq, Saqif, Diyanah
(Left mid row) Rezuan, Hairul, Qadir, Taufiq Zahari, Fardinan, Bani, Yasmin, Izzati, Sonia, Maizurah, Filzah, Hikmah
(Left last row) Ahmad Naufal, Dhayan, Syazwan, Danieal Ahmad, Dewi Nurul Hidayah, Syahiran, Fajrina, Syartika, Dewi, Syakirah

Phew...P.S. Remember to upload your books onto our Ebooks Software publishing portal after you have completed them! Let's share!

Also, we want to thank the teachers and principal, Mrs Ang Chin Du, for their support and kindness in allowing the filming to take place. We saw the enthusiasm that these teachers have showered on the children, making learning easy for each of them. We hope you guys had fun with us!

Do catch us on Channelnewsasia on March 24, 2009 at 8.30pm for this documentary!

Monday, March 2, 2009

What Will You Defend?

After two weeks of intensive training, all the participants are finally well-equipped with KooSkills in preparation for e-Heritage competition, the first national heritage e-Book competition organized by South-West CDC.

This competition aims to create greater awareness of the development of South West district, be it the religious places, roads, buildings, people, and even the coffee shop below your apartments!

The trainers went down to Ngee Ann Secondary, Commonwealth Secondary, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian and River Valley High for different training sessions and met students from all walks of life. Some of the students are IT professionals while others are intrigued by the heritage themes. All in all, they are all geared up for this competition because there are attractive prizes of $3600 vouchers and trophies to be won!

To all students, all the best for the competition! We hope to see you guys again during prize presentation or some other days. Thanks for giving us such a fun time during the training!
- The KooBits Trainers

Students from Fairfield Methodist's Secondary School!