Friday, March 12, 2010

Budding Writers from Yangzheng Primary School Shine through KooBits

National Education and technology might seem like a bizarre combination but what was produced by Hayden and Russell of Yangzheng Primary School (YZPS) was far from odd. Their e-book entitled ‘Singapore’s Story from the Eyes for a Mouse’, based on the National Education theme ‘Rising above our challenges’ emerged as the champion for the primary category of the N.E.w Author e-Book Competition 2009. They beat over 500 teams and 2000 participants to clinch the top position.

Using KooBits, an interactive digital software, the pair was able to produce a creative and educational piece that brought us through the tumultuous years of early Singapore. Using the e-book software, users are able to employ various digital resources, such as image, video, animation and sound, and combine them into an interactive e-book. Students in Yangzheng Primary School are coached by trainers on how to insert digital resources like Youtube videos and flash animation. Upon acquiring the skills, students would be able to create their own e-books that can be uploaded onto an online platform to be shared among their peers and teachers.

Teachers in the school have also incorporated this e-book technology into their curriculum. For the mathematics department, theories on geometry were explained through the use of shapes, audio and flash animation that aided teachers in fully explaining to the students.

For the budding writers, KooBits also provides an avenue for them to showcase their stories. With the user-friendly technology, children will find it easy to translate their ideas into stories. Along with the extensive resource library, every e-book created will be a personalised piece.

As we have seen here in Yangzheng Primary School, the e-book technology provides opportunities and resources for the staff and students to continually develop their IT skills and knowledge to enhance the teaching and learning processes to move the school forward.

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