Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nanyang Primary School Adopts Ebook Software Technology

Most problems with professional media tools like Adobe Photoshop is that there is a steep learning curve to achieving that level of professionalism. Children in primary schools usually do not have the capacity to grasp such high levels and in-depth knowledge of technological know-hows, and teachers often do not have the time to learn these softwares.

The educators from Nanyang Primary School were very satisfied to see that their students are learning a new ebook software technology called KooBits. They showed much enthusiasm spark their creativity.

KooBits is a multimedia platform where users, students and teachers alike, can take bits and chunks of digital media and put it into one single commonplace, as a creation that they can call their own. Many primary schools have started using KooBits as a ebook creation tool to facilitate learning and exercise creativity amongst the students. KooBits is not only used to teach English, but other languages like Malay, Chinese and Tamil as well, as it is equipped with a Chinese and Tamil keyboard that recognizes the respective characters.

In a particular primary school, its Head of Department of IT said that KooBits is used by all the four language departments to enhance the pupils' composition writings skills. Pupils are now more motivated , interested and involved in writing composition, especially with the multi-media features of the tool. As a result, these language teachers can focus on helping students to create the content of their ebooks, rather than teaching the technology that was meant as a learning tool, and not the end product itself.

Singapore Schools , not to mention the Ministry of Education also hopes to empower teachers using different approaches with IT to develop our active students to be strategic learners who actively explore problems independently and collaboratively. On top of that, they should be able to express their creative ideas through the creation of products. IT will be harnessed to facilitate the analysis of information, investigation, problem solving and independent learning. All of which, KooBits can and will help them achieve through its fun, interactive and engaging.

Indeed, KooBits have enriched the lives of those students from Nanyang Primary School, not to mention their teachers. We hope to be the very tool to propel learning and teaching in schools, and be the bridge between creativity and technology. What is currently happening in Nanyang Primary School is by far a promising start!

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