Friday, March 12, 2010

Bendemeer Primary School Adds Value to Learning through ICT

With a solid infrastructure already in place, it was easy for Bendemeer Primary School (BPS) to incorporate greater technology into their curriculum. Its principal, Mrs See Lai Kwan hopes to make use of technology to develop pupils into independent, reflective and creative learners. One of the softwares used by the school was KooBits.

KooBits is a multimedia tool that can be used for all subjects in the school. Its capabilities include being to link a host of multimedia devices as well as fill-in-the-blank options. This means that students can combine Youtube videos, pictures, flash etc into an e-book. Another benefit is the interactivity promoted by the created e-books.

Teachers in Bendemeer Primary School have already used this e-book software to create books for Chinese, Tamil, Malay, Mathematics and Science lessons. Student feedbacks have been very encouraging as more expressed that learning is now fun and they are motivated to create personalized and innovative e-books. For teachers, they see an increase in students’ participation and interest. They also commented that the wide range of digital content available is helpful in coming up with books to entice the students.

Using technology in school has indeed proven to be a huge hit and the school is excited about the upcoming widgets and updates that KooBits is subsequently going to offer. KooBits recently launched the Facebook widget where users can look at childrens’ books done by their fellow peers. An iphone widget would also be launched in near future for users to look at the e-books on the go. Remember to join our Facebook group to know more updates about KooBits!

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