Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ebooks Training at Eunos Primary School

On Thursday, 19 February 2009, KooBits had the pleasure of conducting a training session with the students of Eunos Primary School. The school, located at 95 Jalan Eunos, has requested for two wonderful lady trainers, Serena and Xingying, to train their Primary 2 and 3 students about our latest ebook software.

At 12pm sharp, the Primary 2 students from the Malay class streamed into the computer lab and sat down at their respective seats, with gleeful expressions on their faces. Upon starting up their computer, Serena kicked start the class by welcoming the students into the magical land of KooBits, where students can create interactive e-books with different forms of multimedia. It consists of an authoring software and the publishing portal at!

Later in the afternoon, it was Xingying’s turn to guide the Primary 3 students. One interesting fact is that Xingying can conduct trainings in Malay! That is because she is a Malaysian Chinese, and hence can speak Malay fluently. She amazed the class and the teacher, who was under the assumption that the KooBits Intelligent Tool can only be used in English, by showing them the dynamism of the multi-lingual feature in Malay.

The Eunos Primary students were very responsive and enthusiastic throughout the lessons. What was more amazing was the fact that the school has arranged for some Primary 5 and 6 students to join in the training to help with facilitating the learning of the younger students. It was a very thoughtful initiative by the school as they realize that there are some students, especially the younger ones who are more timid, and are shy to voice out their questions. So in an attempt to make the lessons more favourable for these students, Primary 5 and 6 students were assigned to help out, as the lower primary students will most likely have better rapport with their seniors.

Apart from learning about the technology and features of our ebooks software, it is also important that students also learn about teamwork and the kind act of helping one another. Friendships made in school will make a difference to the educational experience of these students.

The teachers from Eunos Primary School were very contented to see that their students are learning a new ebook technology. They were greatly interested in the software and agreed that it could be a useful publishing tool to supplement the kids’ education and learning.

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