Friday, March 12, 2010

KooBits brings English Alive! at Zhonghua Primary School

Thanks to the school’s vision of integrating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) into curriculum, students in Zhonghua Primary School (ZPS) are now exposed to ICT at all levels. In particular, KooBits has played an important role in improving students’ competency in ICT as well as promoting creative thinking.
KooBits, an e-book software that allows users to easily express their ideas using different digital media and create highly interactive digital content. Students would be able to fuse different multimedia tools together to present a dynamic and lively e-book. With its user-friendly technology, students would have no difficulties putting their ideas into a book.

Teachers in Zhonghua Primary School pioneered a Project Two in 2006 which involved students using KooBits to improve students’ writing. Using pictures and animations, teachers were able to capture the students’ attention and participation. These were obtained from the extensive resource pool available in every KooBits programme. For the weaker students, KooBits provided fill-in-the blank options that prompted them with hints and suggestions.

For students, it gave them a chance to showcase their writing flair. Story ideas were penned and later converted to e-books. The students were able to share their books in a library that was created by the school. Besides that, some had the opportunity to print their e-books as a testament of their writing capabilities.
As a result of this e-book technology, it was shown that the students’ esteem improved and were more confident in expressing their thoughts. In addition, students showed more interest in topics that they worked on and this improved their understanding skills.

With the help of KooBits, Zhonghua Primary School has emerged as a forerunner in bringing education and technology together.

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