Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KooBits Training @ Eunos Primary School

"The KooBits Magic Show" went to Eunos Primary School last Thursday on February 19! Our two pretty magicians, Serena and Xinying, had the privilege to present to the adorable students of Primary 2 and 3.

Preparing for the magic show...

At 12 noon sharp, the Primary 2 students from the Malay class trooped into the computer lab. They streamed into their places in just a few seconds because all of them were excited about learning a new software for their upcoming project. Without hesitation, Serena kicked start the first presentation and welcomed the students into the magical land of KooBits.

The Primary 3 students were guided by Xinying later in the day. I am sure, none of you know this but Xinying is a pure Malaysian Chinese, who is fluent in Malay! She amazed the class and the teacher, who was on the assumption that the intelligent tool could only be used in English, by showing them the dynamicity of the multilingual KooBits in Malay.

All the students were very responsive and showed much enthusiasm while Serena and Xinying were conducting the lessons. You could tell that they enjoyed their tutorial sessions by their brightly lit faces! What amazed the two more was the caring environment that the school has nurtured. In the midst of the lessons, Primary 5 and 6 Malay students joined in to provide their assistance to the lower primary students. It was a sensitive and appropriate initiative by the teachers because the seniors stood in to be translators and facilitators as the younger ones were too shy to ask Serena and Xinying for help. It reminded me of my primary school days when we had the buddy system for recess to help facilitate the new kids to familiarize with buying food on their own. It gave me a sense of belonging and formed strong bonds with students of other levels, which I am sure the younger students feel the same way.

Check out the friendly facilitators in orange t-shirts!

This is Bani, a Primary 6 facilitator, who is very enthusiastic about KooBits. Check out his cool books through our publishing portal!

Education is important but what energizes students to pull themselves up from their warm cozy bed is the close friendships that they have made. At the end of the training sessions, the lower primary students took away not just knowledge of using KooBits but new friendships with their seniors. That is a very heartwarming scene.

For the teachers in Eunos Primary, they were very contented to see their students learning new stuff and are equipped to use KooBits for the products. They showed great interest in the software and agreed that it is a useful publishing tool to capture kids' attention. Mr Hoirull, Mdm Khadijah, Mdm Fatimah and Mdm Ridayu are all looking forward to the upcoming N.E.w Author Competition, where their students can create a meaningful book out of the competition.

That was an eventful day spent in Eunos Primary. Thank you all students and teachers!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

N.E.w Author Competition 2009 is HERE!

N.E.w Author Competition is not only for the writers, please do not misinterpret!

N.E.w Author Competition is not just about competing for that beautiful star trophy, please do not misunderstand!

Now, let's bring the focus to the unusual first word, N.E.w! Why is the word "new" spelled with two "moles"? That's right, the moles are to separate the letters to abbreviate National Education and w is meaningless but makes sense later.

The aim for this competition is in line with the objectives of MOE's National Education.
to develop national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence for the future by fostering a sense of identity, pride and self-respect as Singaporeans, knowing the Singapore story, understanding Singapore's unique challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities and instilling the core values our way of life that ensures our continued success and well-being

Hence, the theme for the competition is "Rising Above Our Challenges", of how Singapore developed into a robust, bustling city from a tiny fishing village. The most exciting part of this is the chance to use KooBits to create your story!

For those who do not know about KooBits, it is an interactive digital software that allows you to transform your imagination into a visual act! Just imagine beautiful graphic images sprouting out, animations zooming across, YouTube videos of Mr. Bean with High School Musical's soundtrack in the background, let your fantasies come right before your eyes!

Trainings will be provided for all students so nobody will lose out in terms of technical skills! Everyone will be there to help just write to anyone of us at support@newauthor.sg or email Adeline, that's me!

If you are still studying, be it primary, secondary, or even tertiary education, everyone of you should join! Don't hesitate no more, that everyone and anyone is you! Register now and start thinking of your ideas! Don't waste time!

Calling all teachers!
Registration for teacher's briefing is opened NOW till February 27, 2009! Hurry, to get important details and perhaps some tips in the briefing at Hwa Chong Institution some time later!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

KooBits is in No Recession!

From just 3, to a few more and downsized back to 3 again, a glance is more than enough to determine the number of employees in KooBits a few years back. Those were the days when we faced shortage of manpower and the only survivors had to weather through countless stormy times and put in painstaking efforts, because their hearts were committed into one common goal.

Right, right! Success stories may bore our readers, I shall leave those poignant stories for later or if you understand Chinese, start reading it at - 北京中学生来新十三年 数码媒体业闯出一片天!

Otherwise, let me introduce to you my lovely family of 13 today, all living under one roof together. Some of us are "newborns" while others are growing old with KooBits. The oldest (I don't mean the physical age guys, but the experience!) from the team goes to Professor Sam Ge, Dr Chen XiangDong and Stanley Han, the three musketeers! If you actually know them, they are a pretty weird combination. Let's do some simple mathematics calculation here.

The World View
Justin Timberlake + Albert Einstein + Bill Gates = ???!!!

Noo...that explains why they are living in different eras!

The KooBits View
Dancerboy + Mad Scientist + IT Smartypants = KooBits + Passion + Determination

Yes, through the KooBits view, nothing is impossible because even impossible says "I-(a)m-possible!". It's all in the mind, folks! Moving on, many teachers and students would surely recognize these people. Hailing all the way from faraway land, Pakistan, is our 24/7 radio box, Jafri. Not only does he entertains the KooBits Team, he makes sure his clients are well taken care of as well. (If I'm wrong, feedback is definitely most welcome! Heh!). Then, we have Jafri's partner-in-crime, the pretty and highly organized, Serena Li! You can expect dust-free desk and immediate responses from her because she is simply the neatest and we all just love to stick around her to get the clean vibe.

Messy vs Neat

Once in awhile, you can catch Serena Li and her sweet tooth gang during coffee breaks to munch on chocolates. The sweet tooth gang is coincidentally the youngest and craziest (I can't stress enough!) members you would love to be with. There is daily surges of serotonin levels in the office because our enthusiasm injects happiness to everyone. Watch out for more cranky blog updates from us, your dearest ABCs (Adeline, Bharath & Cheah Xinying)!

Working hard -> Formal Picture -> Ready for crazyness -> Creating Havoc

And Dr Chen came to fool around with us

Doodles, chocolates and tight schedules

Sitting at two different corners are quiet and soft-spoken Eugene aka Mr Kumar and Anqi!

Eugene is our computer nerd who designs our website. He is probably the one who monitors your KoKo credits, so you better treat him better if you want to redeem Playstation! Anqi is our graphic designer, just like the images that you see on KooBits, she is just as cute, if not way cuter! She loves soft toys and gets her drawing inspiration from them! One of them is actually sitting on her desk, why don't you guess which one, off from KooBits software?

The first floor gang

Recently, we added two new members into our team as well to kickstart some future projects. They are Li Xi & Wu Dan, the smartest brainiacs of us all, graduated from Hwa Chong Institution. I wonder if they have drank Abbott's Similac milk product - Grow! Grow! Grow!

We all know that behind every successful men, lies a woman. In the business world, behind every successful company, lies the mentors. Sang Wuoh, Kris & Edmund, thank you!

To everyone who has been part of the KooBits team before, you have left your footprints in our little bungalow. Thank you too! Here's snapshots of the Black team minus Bharath!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Announcement: Collection of e-Books!

My dearest friends,

Do you want to share your creativity?
Do you want to be in the spotlight?
Do you want to be the master of e-Books creation?

Something exciting is coming to KooBits VERY SOON! So, I am urging all school teachers and students to start collecting or create as many e-Books as possible!


Stop asking me the 5Ws and 1H, I am not asking you to write an essay, well, not exactly. There is no limits to the e-Books, just start letting your creativity flow. It can be something that you eat today, your new science discovery to teaching others how to climb a tree, everything and anything, with the aid of KooBits, transform boring, wordy essays to the most interactive and artistic piece of art!

You can either upload it on our publishing portal at www.koobits.com or email us for schools that have a wide collection of books!

Let your imagination come alive right before your eyes and all our eyes!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Exciting New Features in KooBits 3.0!

After months of hard work, KooBits have finally come back with a whole new look with improved features to take the world by storm! All thanks to our IT smartypants, Dr Chen, in the office, today you can experience greater simplicity and exclusive, first ever in the market, features! If you follow through our first post, there was already a sneak preview but today we will take you through a detailed ride on some new features we have!

Put on your seat belts, everybody!

First up, you can Create Animation just through two simple clicks! Forget about the exhuastive keyframes and messy timelines, you can now make a person walk from one point to another point easily! How?
  1. Use the 2D animated picture of a policeman and click on Ani Start.
  2. Move your policeman to your desired position and click on Ani End.
  3. Go to Read Mode to preview your animation.
Start position of animation (green circle)

End position of animation (red circle)

Next up...Sony, Canon, Olympus, Nikon have gone huge with the ongoing crazy wave amongst young people and apparently, our IT smartypants heard the computers complaining about not being able to take personal shots of themselves. Hence, KooCam was also invented to join the trend, but in a totally different market! This Snapshot Tool enables you to take snapshots of your onscreen activities!

For example, if you love the logo on Blogger, just drag and scale the box to cover the area you want by first clicking on the SnapCam button. The picture will then be automatically transferred to your KooBits book. Simple enough? The same step can also be repeated for taking videos of ongoing activities on the windows through the SnapVid button.

Have you ever wish that Aladdin's genie could help you fulfill your wishes? Don't fret! In today's digital age, KooBits have also secretly created a digital genie - the Wish Box, to make your wish come true! Say you want a kitten, simply type "kitten" into the Wish Box and an adorable kitten will appear on your page!

Wish granted!

Want a car?

Tadaa!! Unfortunately, we cannot afford a Ferrari yet. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to though, and maybe hold a KooBits F1 racing!

How about another wish for yourself, your girlfriend or your mother?
A handbag? Guess or Coach? Hmmm...

Of course not! Go strut your stuff with a Louis Vuitton!

Alright, I can see some jaws dropping already. How many wows have you whispered and exclaimed for the past 5 minutes? Are your eyes staring into the screen in amazement now? Want more?

Here's a short clip to summarize what the latest KooBits v3.0 can do!

Go get your KooBits v3.0 software and try creating your own book now!

Monday, February 2, 2009

KooDay 2009

Whilst many of us are still in the festive mood, here's wishing all of our partners, friends and you a very happy and prosperous new year! I am sure most of us had enjoyed shopping for new year goodies, mandarin oranges, preparing hongbaos (or collecting, for our little friends) and reuniting with our friends and families just last week. Well likewise, the entire KooBits team have also occupied our time with the necessary housewarming chores in preparation for a merry reunion night with everyone who has come a long way with us, giving us their warmth support constantly.

KooDay 2009, marks the closing of a year of happiness and success on a high note, as well as launching KooBits and its team into a whole new level of challenges - better support and service quality to existing customers, invading of international markets, and of course, producing the best, creative software yet for everyone. Having said that, KooBits 3.0 was officially launched on the event with exciting new features such as Wish Box containing over thousands of pictures that will be called out at your command, Snap Image/Video Capture functions for internal windows imaging/videoing and easy animation editing that could be done in just a few clicks!

But before all the actions of KooShow began, there were welcome speeches made by our genius, mad scientist Professor Sam Ge and hyperactive dancer boy, Stanley Han.

And then came along our Kooguest speaker, Mr. Yee Jenn Jong, CEO of AsknLearn, who gave us an amazing speech as well which we awarded him with a memento, a KooCoach jacket.

Supposedly our guests had dinner after the beautiful speeches but photos of our sumptuous buffet are unavailable because the food was simply too delicious that it was practically gone in no time. So, pardon our photographers for not being fast enough! If you really want to know what we have, there was creamy mushroom soup, rendang mutton, black pepper beef, grilled salmon, chicken topped with a little bit of wine for tasting, custard pudding, bite size tiramisu...are you drooling yet?

KooShow, then, started at 8pm sharp with Stanley dancing for the guests....you wish! Let's look at the snapshots to interest you with the show.

Wide-eyed Jafri sharing about his longsuffering escape and becoming a Koodude at last

Guava team from Hwa Chong embarking on a KooProject

CyberNetix and KooProject II

Deputy CEO of Media Development Authority, Mr Michael Yap, the koolest dresser, also came to give us support.
Applause for KooCoach II

Everyone will love this. Lucky draw time!

Getting nervous...

Guess who??

Yep, congratulations to Victor from AsknLearn. He will be very lucky and prosperous this year! With that, the lucky man concluded the night and committed the entire event into memories for everyone. Like Mr Michael Yap has envisioned for us, KooDay is going to be greater and grander every year, moving from NUSS Guild House to The Marina Bay Sands to the future Singapore stadium, the closing event relighted another fire in the hearts of the KooBits team to run after a bigger dream.

This is just the beginning of the race, are you ready to run?