Friday, May 15, 2009

It Would Be Cool If KooBits Could...

Calling out to all the COOLEST people out there!

I know you have been waiting for this moment!
Here's your chance to EASILY walk away with a maximum of $500 in cash just by giving us not more than 5 minutes of your time!


(Click to zoom in the poster!)

Complete the sentence "It Would Be Cool If KooBits Could..."
with your most wanted feature or function that you want to see in the future version of KooBits! Some extra terrestrial, the good friends of our KooBits family, have already made their own wishes...

"It would be cool if KooBits could have a time line to control my animations."
"It would be cool if KooBits could have a circular animation path."
"It would be cool if KooBits could have contents of Mickey Mouse and his friends."

Pretty good suggestions, yeah? But there should not be any copyright infringement please, I am sure the coolest people have the most creative and innovative ideas, right?

So no more hesitations! Just download the submission form right now and brainstorm away!

All the best, everyone!

Download Submission Form

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never Too Small To Be A Hero

Mind you, kids! KooBits is never your conventional, boring educational software that sits in the shelves of your school's computer labs to collect dusts!

Apart from the awesome technology and features we have (Can I hear a loud cheer?!), we have brought in Singapore's very own superhero and his friends to join the Kool KooBits Club!

If you think Superman is powerful, think twice.

How is he powerful? Hmmm...

Nanoboy will the NEXT BIG THING because he is the world's smallest hero who can save our megahuge earth! Smallest would be an understatement because you practically cannot see our superhero with your naked eye!

Let's do a little bit research together with your calculator. Wikipedia states that nano refers to one billionth of a metre, which means it has a SI prefix of 10^-9. How tall are you? 1.4 metres? 1.5 metres? Taking your height to be 1.5 metres, punch in these numbers into your calculator now: 1.5 x 10 ^ -9.

Nanoboy, hence, refers to one billionth of a boy. He is equivalent to the size of any particles and bacteria around you, which means he would be the superhero to save you and your family from swine flu, bird flu and any other bugs in the atmosphere. Together with his friends, they will combine forces to battle against all enemies!

Fights aside, Nanoboy is just another 9 year old boy just like you. He goes through countless of stressful examinations, probably constant nagging by his mother to do homework, jeerings from his fellow classmates for his miniscule height in reality and all the issues you are dealing with right now.

9 year old. Nano height. Superheroic mission. Nobody can do it except for Nanoboy!

Nanoboy is the brainchild of Scrawl Studios, a local animation studios started in 2002. With a strong team filled with artistic talents and creativity, Scrawl Studios has successfully emerged internationally, with fans from Korea, Australia, Canada and many more being their faithful animation supporters.

Very soon, Nanoboy will be featured on OKto TV for all of us but for now, you can enjoy these incredible content and animations from KooBits in your schools! Imagine how cool it will be when you get to know KooBits before all your other friends in other schools!

This is what happens when Nanoboy break into your school.
Evergreen Primary School has the privilege of receiving the tiny superhero into their warmth environment.

What are they all looking at?

NANOBOY in da house! He doesn't look very tiny at all. Oops!

Nanoboy: I love visiting schools and interacting with all the students! See you all soon!

All the students enjoyed the surprise visit very much because autograph sessions involved almost the entire school! Enthusiastic children then came out with their own adventures of KooBits. Here's a favorite book of mine by Moek Chayyly in Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School. (Just click on the links to view the books on our web portal right now!)

For more information regarding Nanoboy, please feel free to contact us at

Saturday, May 9, 2009

You Don't Want to Miss This!

Ideas?! Competition?! Participation?! Attractive Prizes?

I wonder what is going on...

18 May 2009
Stay tuned to find out.