Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Lessons in CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel through KooBits

For students in CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel (OLGC), work assignments have never been more interesting. The school’s use of KooBits has made lessons more lively and engaging for them. This e-book technology enables students to create personalised books that can be shared and archived for future purposes.

With KooBits, students are able to create to combine an array of multimedia technology into one book. This means that a combination of flash, video, audio and visual can be presented on one book to provide an all dimensional learning experience. For instance, students in P6 have utilised the software in their Social Studies presentations to explain the history of Singapore. Together with Youtube videos and voice recordings, the result was an engaging walk of Singapore, from past to present.

Teachers in the CHIJ OLGC have also found the e-book software useful in creating lesson packages to suit the different abilities of students. With the wide range of resources available in this programme, they commented that it helps them in customizing their lesson plans to cater to the different learning pace of each class. The online platform also helped them in the collaboration and sharing of resources which enabled them to explore more angles.

Students have also brought KooBits beyond the classroom with their participation in various competitions and events. Teachers and parents were educated on National Education concepts on Total Defence Day by students using the e-book reader.
Mdm Catherine Woon, principal of the school commented that she has noticed greater student engagement. She says that the e-book software serves as an interesting and dynamic solution to helping students understand mundane topics.

Students in CHIJ OLGC have indeed shown that through the use of this e-book software, they have managed to acquire greater thinking, learning and communication skills.

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